The kidztower learning tower and its inventors

“Anyone who has children quickly realizes that the world is built for adults,” is what Matthias thought in the first few months with his new daughter. Here and there you quickly get into trouble, need support or would like to have more arms. The little ones simply depend on us for everything .

“When the little one began to crawl and soon stand on her own two feet, her interest in new things was unbroken. But the exciting everyday life of a family only partially happens on the ground. So I had two options: Either I would set up barriers everywhere and move them away from all sources of danger every few minutes, or I would find a way to take them with us into everyday life... where a lot more happens.

The kidztower learning tower is born

This idea gave rise to an idea – the kidztower – which was to be developed together with Gerhard and also offered to other parents. Safety and stability were the priority from the start. One thing the tower was absolutely not allowed to do was tip over or be suitable for climbing out of.

Since there were no learning towers on the German market a few years ago, after a few days in the workshop the kidztower was created - the first safe learning tower for small children as soon as they can stand on their own. The basic version of the kidztower deliberately does not have any rungs that can be climbed up and is the only learning tower that offers a safety belt with which the child can be additionally secured. These features, among others, made the kidztower very popular among parents and two further variants of the original with child-safe paints and varnishes were quickly developed.

The learning tower

Finally, Matthias and Gerhard also developed the learning tower extension, which also enables the agile little ones to climb in and out of the kidztower themselves. “This means that the kidztower can be used for a long time and parents and children can come together on equal terms for a long time, depending on the needs of both of them,” says Matthias. “Our children definitely have a lot of fun with the kidztower and they are, after all, our biggest critics.”