The kidztower

The learning tower for the little ones

kidztower is an educationally valuable standing device for small children up to around 4 years old. It enables your child to carry out different activities “at eye level” with mom, dad and siblings – and to do so absolutely safely!

The kidztower was developed for higher work surfaces and is used in many everyday areas: in the kitchen when cooking and baking or in the bathroom when brushing your teeth. This way you can safely involve your toddler in domestic activities.

Important: The kidztower is currently the only learning tower that is equipped with a safety belt.

Practical: Your kidztower can later be transformed into a learning tower with the learningtower expansion part !

Mother with toddler in kidztower learning tower

The learningtower (kidztower SET including expansion part)

For great explorers:

The learning tower learningtower is the extended version of the kidztower . You can use this from the moment you trust your child to climb in and out independently. This allows your child to continue to participate in what is happening in the kitchen with as much independence as possible. He can place the learning tower himself and decide when and how he wants to be involved in the kitchen! This is also recommended according to Montessori pedagogy to promote your child's independence.

One of the four walls of the is used for assembly kidztower replaced with the learningtower extension part. There are two steps, like a ladder, from ground level. Your child climbs these two steps to stand in the tower. Three solid walls and a wooden frame at hip/stomach height enable a sure-footed stance that still leaves enough room for movement.

Info: You can expand your existing kidztower with the learningtower expansion part or order a learningtower as a complete package! The kidztower is then integrated into it (kidztower SET).

Safety & Design

Safety is very important to us: your child is well protected by the four walls of the kidztower with a sure-footed stand. The seat belt is attached to your child's stomach and is firmly connected to the bottom of the device with a slight downward pull. Falling out or climbing out can thus be prevented - despite the appropriate freedom of movement. The four conical, outwardly extending legs ensure maximum tipping resistance.

Do you have any questions? Write to us or take a look at the “ Frequently Asked Questions ”.

Technical details

• Dimensions: 45 x 45 x 90 cm
• Standing opening: 25x25 cm
• 4 conical, outwardly extending legs
• 4 outer walls make slipping out impossible
• Closed base plate
• 5-way variable standing height adjustable to 42, 45, 48, 51 and 54 cm depending on the size of the child

Material & Manufacturing